What happened 9-2-16

 Okay it still feels like a dream, but it was real! Our family went to pizza Bella for dinner this past Friday. We were sitting down eating and I noticed a man walking out the door from the restrooms ( I never once saw him enter the building, only exit)!!!! Immediately my spirit went off and I sensed pure evil. I kept trying to look him in the eye as I was rebuking him and praying against him. His head was down and his eyes too, he would not look at me. Steve only saw him from behind and thought it very odd how he was walking. He looked like an animal, shoulders hunched over and arms out and head down. Then he stopped and looked up at this women sitting down crying while on her phone. (There was only one other family in the place. ) Anyway if looks could kill, she would be dead! He stared at her for a good 5-10 seconds as if he was putting a curse or something on her. I sensed this and rebuked it back to him. Then Steve said, ” what just happened”? He knew I sensed something!I told him that pure evil just walked by, he knew I was serious. Then maybe 5 minutes later I asked Steve to go move our car, I just knew that needed to be done. So when Steve got back what he told me was even more odd! They were parked next to us. Steve said it was the weirdest thing but when he walked over there and stood by this car he heard growling coming from inside and outside their car. He looked at all three men in the eyes, and the one that was in the restaurant yelled really loud ” there is a shiner” and they peeled out of the parking lot as fast as they could go. When Steve got back in the restaurant he told me this and said yes that was pure evil. They were open vessels and evil filled them.

So although weird this is glory to Abba and Jesus! Those men could see the light inside my husband via the Holy Spirit as they shouted ” there is a shiner” they knew they had no authority there and that’s why he would not look at me as he was walking by. Just another testimony to Abba and Jesus’s power!!!

I thanked Them both for protecting us and keeping us safe🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

Much love and many blessings ❤️


Vision and instruction from Abba

I am sorry I should have shared this a week ago when I got the vision.  Upon waking Abba showed me a vision of myself anointing the perimeter of our home with anointing oil.  When I get these specific visions I do exactly as Abba has shown me, to the best of my ability.  I know I need to follow them as I know out of experience they work 100%.  I also was shown/ told to anoint my family before bed last night.  Please pray and bring this to Abba and Jesus and see what They would have you do.

Much love and blessings❤️

A word and vision from Abba

I received this last night just before bed. I also want to note that i asked Abba if there was more He wanted to say….it was silent but he gave me a vision of a man standing waiting for battle ,this man was covered in black from head to toe. Not sure what this means, but I sensed this was not a good guy……


I would like to speak to you, My daughter. Brace yourselves, a mighty shaking is coming soon and very soon.
How would you have us brace ourselves Abba Father?
By abiding in My love and protection for you. I will deliver you and save you. You, your family and friends and all those you have prayed for. Stay ever close to Me, My love. You will be coming home soon. All of Heaven stands ready and waiting. I will give instructions soon as My warning message will go out very soon. Love, child, as I have loved you, show others the way home. Be steadfast in your faith and let no one steal your crown or joy. Be still before Me and want for nothing. Do not doubt! That is all for now, My child.
Love, Abba Father”

A word!

Write My words daughter for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Look around you My daughter, what do you see? Yes, you see labor pains increasing in duration and frequency. Do you see signs in the sun, moon and stars? Yes My daughter they are all around you.
You will know when the time is right upon you. For now, you know the season. I cannot tell you nor anyone the day or hour. I leave bread crumbs for you to follow. Continue to sit still before Me and wait patiently upon Me. My time is and will be perfect. Just wait and see it will be glorious, beyond earthly words what I am about to do! Be excited, be looking, watching and waiting. Do not grow weary or sleepy, not now! Do not lose hope – I am coming very soon! Leave all the details to Me daughter, I have every one planned and aligned. Nothing can change what I have set in motion.
It warms My heart to see all of you looking in eager anticipation for My coming!

Do not leave your posts. Stand ready and patient in your short time left. I am about to do something in your day you would not believe, even if you were told! Heavenly armies stand waiting for their orders, orders to protect and help you. For you are not alone, nor will you ever be. Keep following the bread crumbs. And yes My daughter, one of these days will be “The Day”! And what a glorious, triumphant one it shall be!”

Much love and many blessings to you all ❤️

Love letter from Abba

Stand in awe and be amazed for what I am about to do! Oh how you will shine brightly like the Son ( sun) forever more! Your change is upon you My child. I know the intense anticipation going on in your heart, the longing of a better life with Me. You ache and yearn for a place without the evil that you see all around you. You cannot wait until I make all things new. A life for eternity spent with Me. You delight Me daughter. Soon you will have what your heart longs for. All of eternity with Me your Father and Jesus your Groom and Savior. Not much longer now child. I feel the ache in your heart, soon it will be filled to overflowing with Me! We will walk as One in Truth and Spirit. Sit before Me this day and feel My love for you. The glorious unveiling of My Beautiful Bride! You will be something to behold. Dressed in all the splendor of Heaven, pearls, diamonds, sapphires and so much more! You will be radiant, beautiful and adorned with My Love! Soon, the world shall see who My Bride is. You’re a melody to My heart and a sweet smelling incense to My nostrils! You please Me daughter!
I Love you with an everlasting love, Abba Father
Much love and blessings to you all ❤️.
Received on April 2/3 2016

A word

Write this Down My child,

They come by force to take over your once great nation.  They will come in large numbers and much force, bent on destruction.  Your leader has devised a great plan to bring your country to ruin.  He cares not for the people, he will stop at nothing.  I will hold him back from all that he has planned. He will only be allowed some time and some of his evil plans.  He plots against you in back door deals.  He thinks no one knows of his plans.  How foolish he is, his end will come swiftly.  That is why I tell you and other messengers to store up as much provisions as you can.  I will provide the rest, what it is you cannot.  Many deals have been signed now, that the media will not tell you about.

Only through Me will you have understanding of what takes place behind closed doors and in dark places.  You cannot understand the horror that awaits so many. Pray for them often, My child.

Your leader has aligned himself with darkness. He will soon be seen for who and what he is. Nothing will remain hidden.  My Restrainer will only hold him back for so long and then destruction and chaos, like never before, will befall your nation.  

No eye has seen nor ear has heard what I have planned.  It will be glorious! A harvest of all harvests!  Pray for more workers, for the harvest is plentiful, but the workers so few.  Continue praying and interceding.  Bring forth your petitions and pleas for help.  Now is the time to be on your knees before Me.

I Love You All So, that is all for now child.
I received this word on Monday April 25, 2016

This was not a easy word to receive.

Much Love and many Blessings to you all! ❤️

A word from Abba

Hi, I received this word on April 2, 2016.  I was given the okay to post it now, so here you all go.  Please continue to stay ever vigilant and couragous.  Much love and many blessings to you all!❤️

Write this down my child,
Disaster comes swiftly, quickly and at any moment now. For you know not the day or hour this will fall. Ready your houses, ready yourselves. Prepare now, there is no more time. Get your house in order. Much chaos and disaster will happen simultaneously. People will look on with fear as their eyes have never seen what is to come. Behold I make all things new. My kingdom come My will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. It is written and it must be so. Only I, the Great I AM, know how to turn hearts back unto Me. It is the only way child. Don’t you see it must be so. For it has been written and I have decreed it. My orders go out now. Do not fear what is to come upon your once great nation. Pray for those who will be left. Pray for the lost. Pray and pray some more. This must happen to make all things new. So many will be in complete and utter shock and terror. They have no idea of the time they are living in. They think life will continue as normal. Day by day, month by month and year by year. This is not so My love, there is very little time left. Do not be caught off guard at this late hour. Remain vigilant and ever close to Me. You have nothing to fear, look to Me. Call out to Me when trouble comes, I will surely answer your call. Keep watch as the hour grows late. Do not fear, do not doubt. All will happen as planned, nothing surprises Me child. I know the beginning from the end. Remember I am in control of all events. Soon the warning shout will go out. As in the days of Noah, so shall it be, let it be so. This is all for now child. I love you with an everlasting love.
Abba Father