A word and vision from Abba

I received this last night just before bed. I also want to note that i asked Abba if there was more He wanted to say….it was silent but he gave me a vision of a man standing waiting for battle ,this man was covered in black from head to toe. Not sure what this means, but I sensed this was not a good guy……


I would like to speak to you, My daughter. Brace yourselves, a mighty shaking is coming soon and very soon.
How would you have us brace ourselves Abba Father?
By abiding in My love and protection for you. I will deliver you and save you. You, your family and friends and all those you have prayed for. Stay ever close to Me, My love. You will be coming home soon. All of Heaven stands ready and waiting. I will give instructions soon as My warning message will go out very soon. Love, child, as I have loved you, show others the way home. Be steadfast in your faith and let no one steal your crown or joy. Be still before Me and want for nothing. Do not doubt! That is all for now, My child.
Love, Abba Father”


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